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  • Binational consultation

ISS Switzerland accepts consultation requests from binational couples living in Switzerland who wish to marry or separate. This is an approach developed within the framework of its membership of the Association of Counselling Agencies for Binational and Intercultural Couples and Families Switzerland and draws on the interdisciplinary expertise and intercultural sensitivity of ISS Switzerland.

At the interface between civil law and immigration law, these consultation sessions aim to inform individuals of their rights and obligations in relation to the national and international legal framework and advise them on the steps to be taken. 

In addition, the consultation sessions provide an opportunity to increase couples' awareness of the particular challenges of their situation. In the case of conflicts, different views on an issue or fundamental questions, consultations also offers the possibility to refer to mediation.

The consultations usually takes place in a session of 1.5 to 2 hours at the ISS Switzerland offices or online at a fixed rate.

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